Fashion maven Olivia Palermowho just swapped vows with longtime love Johannes Huebl—has a bunch of clever tips for decorating for two after you move in with your guy. Check 'em out.


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1. Create a photo wall with your shared black-and-white images. Print a variety of shots in different shapes and sizes—family photos, landscape shots, architectural imagery—and frame them with simple, complementary frames.
2. Don’t leave any space untouched. Decorate shelves, tables, and other surfaces with unique objects that the two of you have collected over the years, from travels, flea markets, and more. What is important to remember is, if you like it, it works!
3. Create a cozy environment with scented candles. Strategically place candles in the living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms for a cozy feel. Incorporate scents like orange blossom and jasmine, which aren’t overly feminine.
4. Bring both of your personalities into the home with coffee-table books. Choose books that represent your interests, travels, and passions. You can even create your own photo books on Shutterfly that incorporate photos from your special events or trips for an added personal touch.
Did you have a hard time decorating when you and your guy moved in together?
The apartment my husband and I first shared was so small {I moved into his studio! } that I was more concerned about fitting my shoes than creating a cozy vibe!
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Merging 2 Homes   How to mix separate styles
  • Common Ground. Look for similarities in your design preferences and emphasize those things you both enjoy, rather than focusing on your differences.  Perhaps there’s a common color scheme, or an artist or art style you both enjoy. Explore design ideas and advice by searching online and creating a Pinterest board. You can each pin items off each other’s’ boards onto a shared “New Home” board.
  • Something Old, Something New. As you’re merging existing furnishings, determine any key pieces you may be missing and splurge on something new that you both love.  First determine the top renovations or furnishings that will best improve your home, and then figure out a style that will suit both your tastes.  New cabinets, flooring or lighting, for example, can give your home a fresh new look – one that you created together as a couple – and can also add to the value when it comes time for resale.
  • Meet In The Middle. Since your home’s interior has to satisfy two people, try to find the point of compromise.  If you like a traditional plush carpet and he prefers a hardwood floor, choose an oversized area rug to display on a hardwood floor surface. The experts at your local Carpet One Floor & Home store can help mediate and offer solutions to such flooring quibbles.
  • “No-Critique” Zone. Sometimes you have to put aside your differences – in another room or space, that is.  If there’s no reconciling certain points of design disagreement, you might opt for a designated room or area for each person, filled with their favorite collectibles or furnishings.  Try to keep the eye-rolling to a minimum in these “no-critique” zones!
  • Create Traditions. He’s not into your collection of pressed butterflies, and you’re not too keen about his beloved baseball cards.  Create your own tradition of collecting something you both treasure, perhaps souvenirs from your travels together, or your personal collection of holiday ornaments, or a music “library” of favorite CDs.
  • An Eclectic Mix. Conformity in decorating can be dull and boring, so embrace your different tastes into an eclectic mix that gives your home a unique style.  For example, merge his contemporary leather furnishings with your vintage pillows and rugs and create a habitat that works for you both. To keep your new home cohesive overall, keep a piece from each of you in each space.
  • No Time Limit. Don’t be too quick to consign his sports paraphernalia or her antique book collection to the trash or thrift store.  There’s no rush to find your happy medium.  Keep sifting through accessories and rearranging your combined furniture for as long as it takes until it feels right for both of you, which could be anywhere from six months to a year.
  • Home Sweet Home. Throughout the decorating process, keep in mind that you’ll be sharing wonderful memories in your first home together, regardless of the color of the walls or the design of the ceramic tiles.  And as you grow together, your tastes will likely change and possibly converge, so don’t fret.  What’s really important is that you are sharing your beautiful new home together – hold onto that thought and everything else becomes a lot simpler.

This is a great 3 article info article from Wikipedia.  It breaks the plan into 3 parts:
     1.  Deciding what to keep
     2.  Planning room schemes
     3.  Creating a new home together