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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Style Your Shelf: 66 Objects to Adorn Your Home

Via The Etsy Blog 

curated by Mallory McInnis 
A great selection of items and design tips on layering for your bookcases from her blog posting.

The Etsy Shop continues to grow and present us with selective choices for any room in your home.  Bookmark Etsy and check out new items frequently. 
1. Alarm Clock from Euro Vintage
2. Serving Tray from Le French Bazaar
3. Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Jar from Modish Vintage
4. Table Light by DAMM Design
5. Trinket Dishes by The Lulu Bird
6. Bookshelf by East Oak
7. Alpaca by Cat Rabbit
8. Cactus by Sian Keegan
9. Wooden Pins from M.D. Quality Goods
10. Wooden Mushrooms at Msmichiganroux
11. Cat Planter at The Recycleista
12. Ceramic Selfie by Charlotte Mei

curated by Mallory McInnis 

1.  Red Head Vase by Laura Bird
2.  Houseplant Ornament by Decoylab
3.  Lamp by Worley’s Lighting
4.  Wolf Dish from Now Vintage
5.  Shelf Unit by M.D. Quality Goods
6.  Telephone from Nell’s Vintage House
7.  Beastie Bud Vase by Jen E.
8.  Pink Cloud Pillow by Maija Elizabeth
9.  Black Lion by Rose de Borman
10. Cup Planters by Elizabeth Benotti
11. Walrus Dish from Pop Bam Vintage
12. Bath Salts by Mullein & Sparrow
13. Plant Pot by Nam Nam Ceramics
14. Banana Holder from SURPRISEU
15. Camera from Horses for Courses
16. Mushroom Lamp from The White Pepper

curated by Mallory McInnis

1.  Lampshade by Most Likely Shop
2.  Soft Sculpture by Jess Quinn Small Art
3.  Color Wheel Test Machine from Agent Gallery
4.  Little Mushrooms by Mir Dinara
5.  Succulent Planter by Half Light Honey Studio
6.  Squirrel Soap by Imaginary Animal
7.  Pottery Bowl Set by Viruset Studio
8.  Child’s Plate from Kitchen Table Vintage
9.  Pull-Along Poodle from Two Red Suitcases
10. Plastic Letters from Bingville
11. Salt and Pepper Shakers by Bar Ceramics
12. Wood Shelf from 86 Home

curated by Mallory McInnis
1. Screenprint by Sue Jean Ko
2. Viking from Mid Mod Mom
3. Ceramic Cat by Barruntando
4. Carrot Plushie by Pretzel Pretzel
5. Globe from Cartographics
6. Salt Cellar by A MANO
7. Bear from Curial Vintage
8. Bookshelf from Fabitecture
9. Teak Ice Bucket from Barking Sands Vintage
10. Lamp from Bingo Box

curated by Mallory McInnis

1. Lamp by Ariel Zuckerman
2. Owl Sculpture from Moth-Eaten Deer Head
3. Wall Hanging from Danish Mood
4. Chef’s Hat Container from That Retro Girl
5. Vase from JC Modern
6. Vase from Apartment 528
7. Jewelry Dish by Calyer Ceramics
8. Metal Horse Head from Little Dog Vintage
9. Brass Fish from Generation Restoration
10. Bowl by Sheila Ross
11. Snail by Willowynn
12. Fox Bookends by Graphic Spaces
13. Horse Pair from Junk House
14. Camper from Franz66′s Eclecticism
15. Alpaca Bowl by Alex Sickling
16. Shelf Unit from 506070 

About Mallory McInnis, the talented curator for Etsy items above

Check out her own blog:    http://www.lookatthesegems.com

Check out her own store:   http://www.etsy.com/shop/elwoodandeloise  vintage books

Other articles by Mallory:  http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/authors/mallorymcinnis/

So read, process, and SHOP ETSY!  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Help - Get a Handle on Your Junk!

We all have those places, yes we do!  It is such a good feeling though, when you get one area all cleaned of all the junk drawers.  Expert organizers tell us that is the way to do it - one area at a time, or one area per week.

Just looking thru Laura Gaskill's Ideabook on Houzz gets me inspired.  I especially like her posting the great idea from "Simply Organized Consulting"  on using the plastic pocket hangers to also store junk hanging in a closet.  We never have enough space for the junk, or enough drawers, so this might be the answer.

Laura Gaskill's Ideabook via Houzz

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pillows - Pillows - Pillows

If you are decorating your home, you surely have heard of Etsy.  Etsy is the premier online collection of shops, many of which offer individually made products.  There are some well chosen imports available, but a large amount of the shops are talented seamstresses and crafters in the United States.

Here are some of my favorite finds for mid-September.  All of these vendors have good reviews and are shipping products within a 2 week time period.  Sometimes it serves you well to pass on the instant gratification in the local stores and wait a few days for a carefully selected color that is just the right touch.

The Pillow People

 These pillows from The Pillow People are selected in complementary patterns, set of 4 for $64.
Mandy carefully sews these with all seams serged (means they will last).  The size of 18 x 18 will make a nice appearance on your sofa.  Many other colors available, and many satisfied customers.

Burlap Heart Strings

These pillows have a vintage look since they are crafted from burlap.  Use these in a variety of room styles - French or English Country, American county, or Cottage style, to mention a few.  Personalized for you at only $32.  Priced within a new home gift, for a special friend.



These pillows above with the felted flower come to us from Krista and Jacob from Bedbuggs.  They are very unique, available in many colors and styles for only $35.  The art work set of 3 pictures would be adorable in a little girl's room, and the set of 12 x 12 each if $93.  These pieces are carefully constructed and unique yet still modestly priced.

Parris Chic Boutique
Love, love these.  Personalized for only $25 and lots of things to look at. Seamstress artist is Alyssa and she has a nice offering of items to show you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Create Your Own Fabric and Wallpaper

Ever wanted to save your children's artwork in a more usable and permanent way.  The website
SPOONFLOWER allows you to have your own pictures and artwork made into fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper.  The program is easy to use and moderately priced.  You can even have photos made into fabric, what a clever gift for the Holidays, pillowcases of the grandchildren's pictures.

Link below to their site and get started today.  If you are short of ideas, looking thr
u their already made projects will certainly inspire you.



Another company that seems to also work well where you can have your own fabric made.


Ever Wanted to be a Fabric Designer?

Home | Soft Design Lab

This is a new education based series of classes and resorces for any wanted to learn about the soft side of the design business.   Developed by the artist Jackie Von Tobel and the business guru Deb Garrett.  With those combined talents, this will be a first class education in designing the softer pieces necessary to every Interior Designer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Best of the Best * Selecting a Coffee Table

via Panache Designs 10 tips for selecting your coffee table

Panache Designs 10 tips for selecting a coffee table

via The Inspired Room, thoughtful and useable advice on what to decorate your coffee table with.

While you are visiting The Inspired Room, you will find lots of decorating advice.  She has a wonderful series to follow "How to Decorate".

via Style Me Pretty creative uses for a different styles of coffee tables.
Style Me Pretty creative alternative coffee tables
Style Me Pretty is one of my daily reads.  SMP Living is all about your home life.  SMP Wedding is the GO TO site for inspiration and practical information for your big day.  With no less than 40 contributors to the SMP lineup of blogs, including information for out of the US area, you need to be connected to this series of blogs.  SMP Weddings = Happy Wedding Day.

via Southern Living with well known Interior Designer Phoebe Howard Advice on Decorating the top of the coffee table. Coffee Table Decor Formula - Southern Living

Phoebe Howard advice on using a coffee table via Southern Living

via Houzz by Elizabeth Miller I Loved this information I found featured on Houzz, the Premier collection of Interior and Exterior Design photos.  Peruse the ads from varied companies in your area, so that you can have a little of your own "Houzz" design style.

Now that you are thinking of your coffee table, here is a fab list of coffee table books, gathered by Interior Designer Erin Gates, of Erin Gates Interiors. 

You might consider purchasing her Interior Design book, Elements of Style to add to enhance the top of your coffee table.  You can click thru to her page from the list of books to purchase her book.

Best Coffee Table Books via Elements of Style.com