" Design Porter: What is Your Furniture Style?

What is Your Furniture Style?

Here are some great descriptions of various furniture and decorating styles.  Keep this list handy, it will let you stay focused on your ideas for the rooms in your home.  For best flow, there should be a relationship from room to room of your preferred style.

With colors, flooring and furniture styles--it is best for the floor of an open floor plan, if you cannot stand in one spot and see three differences.  For example, if you can stand in one spot and see 3 different floorings, your eye will be confused and it will stop the viewing flow of your home.

With color, in an open floor plan you should have one carry thru color and you can then mix in another new color with the carry thru color in another area.

With furniture styles, you should make a commitment to one style, and you can add in a piece or two of another syle that you like.  For example, even a modern or contemporary styled room looks great with a large antique sideboard.

Here are some identifiers to help you with traditional or classic furniture styles.